The Packeta Group (of which the parcel company is a part) aims to reduce the carbon footprint of parcel delivery.

It has decided to back up its intuitive decisions with concrete numbers to work effectively with its carbon footprint.

As part of reducing its carbon footprint, Packeta has already introduced delivery points, called Z-boxes, which are powered by solar panels, so they don't need to be connected to the electricity grid. In addition, it is working to renew its fleet of vehicles, with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of the parcels it delivers.

The report included a research and comparison with European competitors, where Packeta came out as competitive.

Among our conclusions were some counter-intuitive recommendations, such as not focusing on hand delivery (which has a much higher carbon footprint than other forms of delivery) and instead focusing on electric mobility, which gives an interesting return on investment even without subsidies (around 80k km per vehicle).

“This year Packeta has developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which it intends to develop in the coming years. The company wants to set realistic targets that should result in a reduced carbon footprint, and EnviTrail is helping us do that.”

Petra CísařováHead of Clients Integration Packeta