Promens Zlín

Promens Zlín a.s. is a Tier 1 system and development supplier, operating on the global market mainly for customers from the automotive industry. It is the only European manufacturer focusing on the production of large-format, mainly exterior plastic parts in lower and medium series. It produces, for example, bonnets for trucks, tractors, lawnmowers, fenders and interior parts for buses, as well as spoilers and engine covers for passenger cars.


Outputs for Promens Zlín


  • Calculation of carbon footprint by audit method (Scope 1, 2)
    • Implementation of report audit document
    • Outputs of “executive summer” in the form of:
      • GHG Protocol
      • ISO 14064-1
    • Calculation Scope 1&2
    • Society’s Decarbonization Strategy
    • Development of plan and recommendations for monitoring Scope 3
  • Ensuring compliance with automotive reporting requirements

Grant Thornton

  • Setting up the reporting system
  • Methodological support for data collection and presentation (GRI)
  • Mapping priorities with stakeholders
  • Building an ESG strategy
  • Realization of ESG audit
  • Creation of materials for compiling an ESG report
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Benefits for the Client

The aim was to help the company, with the transition to a low-emission economy, to introduce non-financial reporting economically, smoothly and with high quality.

  • The carbon footprint is a good monitoring of production efficiency (greenhouse gas emissions connect energy and economy)
  • Preparation for the next step – calculation of Scope 3, more detailed decarbonization strategy
  • Based on the data, economic optimization for operational savings will be carried out (target 2-5% per year)
  • Compliance with legislative requirements (CSRD, SFRD, ESRS),
  • Complying with the non-financial reporting requirement
  • Meeting the requirements of the EU taxonomy, providing documents for investors and banks
  • Setting up a systematic approach to sustainability, leading to higher success in acquiring new customers, investors and employees

What priority sustainability topics have we helped with


  • Energy intensity of production
  • Responsible water management
  • Responsible handling and recycling of waste
  • Attitude towards greenhouse gas emissions


  • Safety and health at work
  • Corporate culture
  • Quality and safe products
  • Social responsibility


  • Responsible and critical business
  • Risk and Critical Incident Management
  • Long-term relationships with customers
  • Supplier management