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We are the first Czech company that can boast TÜV NORD certification for carbon footprint calculation and we have defended this quality mark after one year. What does this mean for us, and therefore for you?

That our calculations are in accordance with ISO 9001, we have independently confirmed the accuracy of our Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) tracking and reporting, and we have ensured transparency in the organisation’s declaration of its carbon footprint. ✅ That is, that the results are relevant, correct and credible. Companies and institutions can safely use them in public procurement, negotiations with potential partners and customers or with banks when approving financing.

The carbon footprint of an action, product or service can also be measured. For example, the Packeta Group, which includes Zásilkovna s.r.o., has been able to focus on effectively reducing the carbon footprint of parcel delivery thanks to the calculation. In turn, luxury lighting manufacturer Sans Souci was able to bid for contracts in LEED and BREAM-certified buildings of the highest level.

What is your reason for calculating the carbon footprint? Decarbonising the company, preparing sustainability reporting or energy efficiency? Let us know, whatever your motivation!